Amy wants to live in a world where people are always courteous, kids always have that “new baby” smell, chocolate is a health food and an autumn day can be summoned withe push of a button.

As a photographer she worked in multiple big box studios before starting her own photography business in 2012. She has attended workshops and webinars with many photography elites, such as, Amanda Hedgepeth, Jen Rozenbaum, Sandy Puc, Christa Meola and Jasmine Star.

When she’s not capturing memories for clients, you can find her watching HGTV with her Newfoundland, cuddling with her husband and daughter and obsessively wishlist shopping on Amazon.

Her next workshop- Coffee + Cameras- will be held on August 22, 2014.

Learn more about photography sessions and how you can learn her photography secrets at

Meet the rest of the family here!


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